Catching up: New job, new home, happy us!

The past two weeks have been big for us. Carlos just got a job, the house will be done in the next two/three weeks, and our container of household goods should be getting here by April 18th!

Overall things have been good with us. Carlos is working for a company that outsources customer service to Amazon USA/Canada. He seems to like the job enough and it’s helping pay off his student loans so we don’t depend on my parents anymore for that. It also gives us a little bit of money for savings. We decided to have a Disney savings “account” and then a savings for emergencies.

News on the house remodel…WE’RE ALMOST DONE! We started construction in January but had to wait a year and two months from when we bought the house for approval to start construction so we’ve been living in a two room (not two bedroom, but seriously two room) house for the past year and a half. To say we have been going a little stir crazy is a total understatement. I have to try to find “before” pictures of the house so that the “after” pictures will have a greater effect.

I plan on writing a more in depth post on the process we had to bring in our container of household goods but seeing how this is Holy Weekend I’m going to spend it enjoying my family. Let’s just say once that container gets here it’s going to feel a lot like Christmas for us! I’ll make an effort to write that post this week whenever I get a chance. Paloma has been teething and that has created a fussy unhappy baby.

God bless and Happy Easter!


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USAmerican immigrant living in Uruguay raising my daughters the best I know how. I plan on using this site to share our experiences and how I raise my daughters in a culture so very different from what I'm used to.

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